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On Creative Efforts

I’ve decided to finally return to this space, after almost 3 years away.    While it’s true that my last real post coincides quite neatly with a week or so before I met my wife, it’s not really due to my courting and marrying her that I left.

Basically, I have trouble with consistency.  I’ve posted before about this, and, well, nothing is new.  But I’m going to give it a try, because, as Neil Gaiman puts it,

…creativity isn’t always a matter of magic and inspiration. Mostly it’s a matter of work. Of doing it. And I hope we did that too. There were songs that didn’t make it, things that never gelled, but with all that, the best part of it was when when stumbled away from the studio, six songs that hadn’t existed before existed now.

It’s true. I have to stop thinking about writing, and just write. Because, frankly, I have lots to say.

Ok, first installment is in the near future (read: within a week). I believe I shall title it “In which we discuss the voice in my head, and its tendency to yell at me.” Good fun.

Who knows? I may get get back on this bandwagon yet. Wish me luck, cyberspace.