There are times in your life when something in you breaks. You’ll be steeped in thoughts and they’ll rise to a critical point, or an offhand comment from a friend will poke a small hole in the dam, and it will just shatter. There’s this loud, audible CRACK, and you look around, expecting other people to have heard, to notice. But no one does. No one looks up from the sidewalk or peers out of their living room windows. The world careens around its axis, tilted and desperate as ever, and a sea of oblivious people flows around you, leaving you alone, with your ears ringing.

2 Responses to “Breaking”

  1. rebecca says:

    is this good? it’ll be good. hopefully. at some point. it is like that hebrew saying (what a useful language)-
    יהיה טוב. כבר טוב, אבל יהיה יותר טוב

  2. says:

    If sold for so much, I wonder what is the long term for AskFor.meMore brandable, and memorable, in my impression. “Ask for me” sounds a bit better than “Google me” And not sure how you’d say “Look me up on”

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