Adding it all up

Hey all. I recently returned from Israel, where I went to prepare for my immigration to there this summer. It helped me recover from a rather difficult semester, and right now, things are looking pretty good. The trip to Israel, short though it was, was absolutely crammed with activity. For now, I don’t have any poignant reflections or interesting insights (at least not that I’m going to type up right now), so I hope you’re satisified with this:

By the numbers:

  • Days spent in Israel: 19
  • Job interviews: 5
  • Jobs offered: 1
  • Jobs occepted: 5
  • Meals eaten out: 35+
  • Distance covered in cabs or busses: 700+ km
  • Distance walked: 15+ km
  • Amount overspent: $200-$300
  • Books purchased: 8
  • Books read: 4
  • Books lost: 1
  • Passports lost: 1
  • Trips to the US Embassy in Israel: 2
  • Passports replaced: 1
  • Shorelines encountered: 1
  • Shorelines pondered: 1
  • Engagement parties attended: 2
  • Plays viewed: 1
  • SMS’s sent: 136
  • SMS’s received: 118
  • Time spent on phone: 6+ hours
  • Times I unexpectedly ended up on the side of the highway: 2
  • Times I was asked by a stranger if I was a Kohein: 2
  • Times I was asked by a stranger to bless him: 1
  • Times I was asked why I’m moving to Israel: 3+
  • Amount of time until I return to Israel, for good: 6-7 months
  • Amount I’ll miss everyone I’ll leave behind in the US: immesurable
  • Amount I’ll miss my parents, my brother, and my sister: more than that.

Till next time, campers.

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  1. Eli says:

    If my arithmatic is correct, all those numbers add up to 42.

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