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Well, Not Yet, But Soon…

So, as I try to return to something resembling a healthy sleep schedule, I’ve been easily distracted. But thankfully, at least some of my distractions are productive. I’m dipping more and more into the world of software and web ventures, as I prepare for entering the industry in August/September in that tiny little country I’m going to be calling home.

As an Orthodox Jew planning on living in Jerusalem and working in high-tech, it was to my pleasant surprise to discover Michael Eisenberg’s blog, an insightful and frequently updated site by an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem involved in high-tech. On top of all of the other neat corners of the web I’ve been discovering, this one is very cool.

So I decided that having read so much lately, I ought to start going into some of my thoughts about what’s going on on the web these days. And it isn’t simple, but I think that most people are too quick to dismiss it as beyond their ability to grasp, if they’re not intimately familiar with the online world like an industry insider. I think this is ridiculous, and one of my goals in this space will be to discuss current web issues in a language understandable to most intelligent people. It can be done. Believe me. Science writers call it “translation,” and they do it all the time.

But that’s for later, after I get some sleep, and have the time to write more. In the meantime, I’ll give you something to chew on. Eisenberg brings up some interesting points in his recent post here. Make sure to check out the comments, as many of them are similarly insightful. Also, I have a comment. Go me.

Multimedia Explosion

Some of you might be wondering where I’ve been, and what I’ve been up to.
Good question. Thankfully, I have a good answer. Among other things, I was making this video for Purim, the Jewish holiday where we all act a little goofy.

Itt’s made mostly from fairly undirected clips taken around our house here in Cornell. I would explain further, but I believe this video defies explanation. See the larger version here, and while you’re at it, check out the other two shorts we made.