About Me

The really short version: Twentysomething techie living in Israel. Religious Jew. Originally from the East Coast of the USA. Fond of chocolate and ponies. Writes about life in Israel, the voices in his head, the voices outside his head, and aforementioned ponies.

Long version: Born Ilan Y. Cohen (ok, actually it was spelled “Elon” for the first several months – don’t ask) in Stamford, CT, I grew up in a white house with black shutters and a white picket fence (yes, really) with 2 loving parents, 2 siblings, and a series of suicidal cats. Childhood was generally an ongoing quest to get the sugar fix I could not get at home. If memory serves, a lot of cartoons and Legoes were involved as well.

Fast forward a bunch of years.

About This Blog

I started this way back in 2003. If you want to read about the series of mutations this blog has gone through before coming to its (final?) resting place here, look at this post.

So what’s this blog about? Good question – one I’ve been trying to figure out myself for quite some time now. Aside from personal stories ranging from the profound to the utterly mundane, I tend to write about living in Israel, popular science (i.e. science understood by non-scientists), living as a religious person in the modern world, various web-design/technology topics, and when I’m getting really ambitious/delusional, I write about the human condition or geopolitics. Oh, and also, I just sometimes let a little of the crazy leak out in the form of pure, goofy fun.


Not completed yet.