Life is good

“How is your life?”
“Mine is good.”
“That’s good!”
“Like, surprisingly so. As if ‘good’ just sort of crept up on me, put its hands over my eyes, and said, ‘guess who?’ And I turned, and said, ‘Oh, it’s you. We were just talking about you. Cool, come, sit down. Let’s hang out.’
Hmmm…I think we’re going to end the metaphor here.”

4 Responses to “Life is good”

  1. Aylana says:

    That means you’re dating someone right?

    Cool. :0)

  2. cuz dys says:

    that is totally better than Good coming up and kicking you in the crotch and saying, “guess who?” as you lie on the ground writhing in pain.

  3. ilan says:

    Aylana – you assume too much.
    cuz dys – Um, that’s the…bad sort of Good.

  4. Uberimma says:

    that’s the best kind of good.

    my 7.5 lb of good is currently snoozing on my chest as i type onehanded. 🙂

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