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I talk funny

At 2AM:
Me: Ooo. The hours are getting too wee.
I think I must meet my Maker for a bit.
Layla tov.
My friend: great, i see you still speak in iambic pentameter

From my father

I was going through some old emails recently, and came across this quote that my father sent me a while back, saying it was “just something someone’s very wise grandmother used to say to him,” not specifying whose grandmother:

“If it is in your way, it is part of your way. And that way is derech Hashem.”

Life is good

“How is your life?”
“Mine is good.”
“That’s good!”
“Like, surprisingly so. As if ‘good’ just sort of crept up on me, put its hands over my eyes, and said, ‘guess who?’ And I turned, and said, ‘Oh, it’s you. We were just talking about you. Cool, come, sit down. Let’s hang out.’
Hmmm…I think we’re going to end the metaphor here.”

Why early mornings are good mornings

In the tradition of indexed, I thought I’d use a visual to explain why, in the morning, I prefer to daven at my local minyan, which is earlier, rather than catching a later one at one of the places that has minyanim every 15 minutes:

Oh, and chulent. Right.