Days until departure: 6

I’m finding that it’s harder than expected to keep to this one-post-a-day rule, and I probably should explain why I’m doing it, a bit better than I did earlier.

Five years ago, I spent a year in Yeshiva in Israel, learning Torah practically from morning till night. At the beginning of the year, one rabbi got up and explained that he realized that most of us would not be learning all day like this in our regular daily lives after Yeshiva. It simply wouldn’t be the case. That being so, he said, why should we take a year to study so intensively, rather than working on a more “reasonable” schedule? He told us a story:

When he was training in the army, they had gone on a very long hike (we’re talking tens of miles, with 60+ pounds of equipment), and upon completing it, he asked his commanding officer why they were doing such a long hike. After all, they weren’t likely going to need to hike like that in their actual duty. The officer replied that it wasn’t to train them to hike such long distances, as much as to show them that they could do so. So too with learning all day – it was not only to get practice at learning itself, but to prove to ourselves that we could learn all day, go to sleep, and then get up and do it again.

So I’d like to think that (on a smaller scale) my little experiment here is similar. I don’t plan on updating every day in the future; I’m trying to prove to myself that I can write this much this fast. I’m not pushing the limits of human endurance or anything, but it’s something, I suppose. After this, making sure to post once a week (maybe even once a week in each blog!) should be a piece of cake.

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