Making ADD work for you?

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For those of you who don’t know me well enough to know, I’ve been diagnosed with ADD for something like 10 years now. For the record, from personal experience, it seems to be a real thing, despite the overdiagnosing that may occur. That is, I really feel unusually distracted, more than most people, and these sysmptoms tend to lessen with medication.
In any case, medication or not, I always have some degree of difficulty concentrating, unless the activity is a particularly engrossing one. As such, I’ll often jump from channel to channel on the television, or read emails in spurts, or be in the process of reading five books at once. (At present, I’m only in the middle of three books, I think, but I have a few more that I’m adding to the pile.) I can’t help but wonder whether this isn’t a somewhat positive aspect of this so-called disorder I’ve been saddled with. You see, I have many varied interests, and I tend to be proud of this fact. I think my ability (or tendency) to jump from idea to idea is part of this whole phenomenon, one that helps me integrate concepts into a larger tapestry of knowledge. (Ok, so that sounded a little pretentious, I think, but I’m too tired right now to tone it down.)

On the other hand, I’ve found that by jumping from stone to stone, I often don’t go deep enough to satisfy to requirements of the material. For this reason, I tend not to have a great grasp on the more complex ideas in philosophy, nor do I have a real appreciation for many famous poets, because both of these disciplines require serious time, effort, and concentration. I guess it’s a trade-off of breadth for depth. My main concern here is that sometimes I feel like a phony discussing so many ideas, because I don’t always know if I’ve gone deep enough to grasp them well enough to comment. But my general feeling is that it’s better to say what you have to say, and let the world correct you if you’re wrong.

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  1. Eli says:

    Maybe you should write that book you told me about a few years ago: “The ADD Guide to Forest Birds and Oh! Hey! Look at that! An airplane!”

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