Go Metric?

Interrupting your regularly scheduled blogcasting…

I eating lunch today with a couple of my Israeli co-workers, and one them mentioned Ashkelon, and how nice a place it is.

“How far is Ashkelon from Gaza?” I asked.
“One Kassam.” he replied, without smiling, without missing a beat.
“We measure distances in Kassams now. Ashkelon is one Kassam, Ashdod – two Kassams, Tel Aviv – three Kassams.”

I laughed. We all laughed. What else can you do?

3 Responses to “Go Metric?”

  1. Josh says:

    Cute. Guess whos going to Sderot on monday. (Hint: Not me, but someone else who you consider a bad person)

  2. cuz dys says:

    Great. That was so funny I laughed till milk came out my roommate’s nose.

  3. 2R says:

    send it in to reader’s digest…see what they do with it…

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