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Much has been said of the two different accounts of creation in the beginning of the Bible, but I have yet to see anything in print (and I may very well have simply missed it) that discusses the stiking absence of the concept of Sabbath in the second account. [Note: The kernel of this idea comes from Rabbi Uri Gordon.]

The first account goes through days 1-6, and the seventh, the Sabbath, while the second account focuses on the sixth. However, after that, we’d expect to see what becomes of Adam and Eve on the seventh day, something which we never see. In some sense, we may be considered to still be in the sixth day, waiting for some distant seventh day, some period of rest from this tumultuous daily upheaval that we call life. I think this brings a new light to the idea that man is to be partners with God in the process of creation. If we are still in an extended sixth day of creation, then life as we know it is creation.

This all ties in really nicely with my understanding of Judaism’s “helical” view of time, where everything cycles while moving forward, but that’s for another day.

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