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Why is it that we use the same word “dreams” to refer both to our aspirations and the crazy-go-nuts ramblings of our brains during sleep? From the little I know (and correct me if I’m wrong, all you polyglots out there), this oddity holds across different languages, and it doesn’t make too much sense at first blush.
I mean, do we truly conflate a person’s dream to, say, be head of a major corporation with his dream that he was swimming in a vat of pudding with his grandmother’s poodle and his first grade teacher?

Maybe it’s because we treat our aspirations as something as unreal as untouchable as our subconscious freestyling. Or maybe we aspire to do things like swim in pudding. Your call.

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  1. Alisha says:

    Ilan, I love your capacity for random observation!

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