A Funny Thing Happened

Funny story. Make of it what you will.

I was just heading out of the cafeteria from lunch and a man, witting with 2 others, called to me in Hebrew, and asked how I was.

“Fine. How are things by you?”
“Do I know you?”
He grinned and gestured genially. “No, but we’re Israelis!”
I smiled. “Oh, ok. Have a good day.”

And I walked on. The whole exchange was less than a minute long, but I couldn’t help but wonder whether the same would’ve happened in the reverse situation – if I had been an American in an Israeli company with a few other Americans sprinkled in.

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  1. cuz dys says:

    sigh… I miss Israelis…
    The book sounds nice, if completely cracked.

    As to the Israelis, next time you see them, invite them over to your place for drinks and gari’nim. Or Backgammon or something. Or invite yourself over to their house, and just never leave. They would adopt you and give you some sort of cute pet-name.
    Plus, you will be able to mooch off of them when you get back to Israel. Fun, fun!
    Let us know which one of these great choices you picked.

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