The ‘I don’t have time to post’ Post

I have a bunch of new posts lined up, but before I can type ’em up and post them, I have a “few” things to do:

  • ECON Prelim (hopefully, I passed)
  • COMS 330 Design Document for a large-scale database system that may take over my life and/or explode some time around late November.
  • STS 355 essay – 3-5 pages on 19th century computers, and how they give me warm gooey feelings inside. (I still have to check whether the bits I wrote at 4 A.M. are logical, or even coherent. I may be taking bets on that one.)
  • Statistics Prelim (not too painful, but those are the ones to watch out for…)
  • COMS 330 Homework.
  • Run around, wildly flailing my arms about and yelling at squirrels.
    (I also did a bit of general primal screaming for good measure.)
  • Statistics problem set (well, I turned something in…)
  • COMS 474 project, where I have to teach a stupid computer what the stupid word “activate” means. Stupid. I finally got it done, with what I thought were a bunch of errors. it turns out that those errors are not errors, but difficulties that everyone has in making a word-sense disambiguation system. I did ok.
  • Write beatnik poetry for the religious college student
    Here it is:

    Must repent.
    The end is nigh.
    Problem sets?
    I go to a Godless university.

  • Repent.


5 Responses to “The ‘I don’t have time to post’ Post”

  1. Nikky Egland says:

    Repent of what? That you took such hard classes?

  2. ilan says:

    No, general repentance, for sins, pecadillos, misdeeds, transgressions – take your pick. It’s a whole Jewish thing, this being right before the New Year and all.

    But I suppose I should do penance for subjecting myself to this.

  3. Noam says:

    19th century computers?! I had no idea. Are we actually into the same stuff? Call me, bro, we should talk about Babbage and Ada Lovelace and all the good mechanical stuff that happened 100 years before ENIAC. Or maybe just talk about stuff in general.

  4. Aylana says:

    Shanah Tovah, ktivah ve’chatimah tovah. Let’s do lunch.

  5. Aylana says:

    Just got your voice message. So sorry. Will call tomorrow.

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