Business (Cards) as Usual

I designed these a few months ago and ordered 500 through Ask me, if you want one – I have a lot to spare:

Oh, and if you were wondering, ephebiphobia is “an abnormal and persistent fear of teenagers.”

5 Responses to “Business (Cards) as Usual”

  1. Eliyak says:

    I realize that this may be a stupid question stemming from my lack of knowledge of either field, but how do you synergize bending space time with lion taming?

  2. aylana says:

    I know this may be a stupid question, but do you realize you haven’t updated either blog in over a month?

  3. Aylana says:

    Yeah… I feel like I’m restating the obvious here, but still no updates.

  4. Mirty says:

    That’s cute.

  5. Jonathan/Yoni says:

    I personally enjoy bending space-time myself. True its only bent a tiny bit but hey, who the %@#%$ would want junk orbiting around your head anyway.

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