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Links For You

In violation of my long-standing policy of only posting my own original entertainment, and not links to any sort of other entertainment, nor (God forbid) anything truly worthwhile, I present you, dear readers, (all 10 of you) with a link to a rather worthy cause from my friend Alisha:

In return, I believe I have full rights to take her firstborn child or her first million dollars – whichever comes first.

And when you’re done with that, and want some entertaining Purim material, head on over to a site made by dear friends of mine, Yes, it’s everything you were afraid of. Just go with it.

Why should you care?

Why should you care a whit about what I have to say? Well, if you’re someone who knows me personally, then you could have all sorts of reasons. But if you aren’t, well….then that’s a tough question, one which I can’t answer quite yet. I’ll edit this post in the near future to properly answer that question.