Puppies, Anyone?

Recently, I was discussing gifts with my parents. Often, when someone comes to our house for the weekend, they’ll bring wine, or flowers, or maybe some sort of chocolates or pastries. But I think that people limit their imaginations too much. How about bringing a puppy? Think about it for a minute. If you were to receive a puppy as a gift from a guest, what would you do? You couldn’t refuse it, as that would be rude. Nor could you simply give it away. I mean, the guest would notice the next time you visited if you lacked the dog. And throwing the dog out is simply out of the question. Yeah, so invite me over sometime. You never know!

One Response to “Puppies, Anyone?”

  1. The Lump says:

    You know I think this might be the perfect way to get a dog around my mothers back. Considering that you are comming over next shabbat I will most definitly not be expecting a bottle of wine (unless of course it comes with a dog).

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