Pants + Fridge = Excitement!

My pants are in my mini-fridge. No kidding. It’s partially due to the fact that I’m a computer science major. Yeah, alright. I may explain this. Later.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does it have anything to do with having gum stuck to your cloths?…. oh wait, that would be the freezer, pants in the freezer to get the gum off…
    – Einat

  2. Anonymous says:

    You sure you’re ok with those 21 credits?
    – Sara

  3. bits of ink » Blog Archive » The Ending is Where We Start From says:

    […] Allow me to digress here for a minute. I was something of an oddity in the blogging world. Most bloggers maintain readership by posting often. Typically, either these posts involve descriptions of their day-to-day lives, something which one never really runs out of material for, or they’d post links to other creative work, occasionally with added commentary. I was not prepared to broadcast the details of my life to the general public, and I didn’t want to exist remora-like, living off the scraps left by the real producers of writing, images, music, and video. I wanted to be one of those producers, by writing relatively impersonal, humorous pieces. And that’s pretty hard to do regularly, or it was for me, anyhow. But I kept at it, because even though my number of daily hits rarely crept above 10, it also didn’t really sink down to zero. People were reading, so I continued writing, albeit sometimes infrequently. About a year and a half after starting blogging, it occurred to me that I had what to write that wasn’t goofy and humorous. The material I had in mind was downright serious. And so I had a problem. I couldn’t just post those pieces on the original blog, like nothing was different, because I didn’t want to turn away readers who had come to expect humor. But I still wanted to share my thoughts on weightier matters than the odd contents of my fridge. […]

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