Morning Person?

Am I the only person who, in the morning, drifts slowly into consiousness, flutters his eyelids open, smiles, then springs out of bed, so invigorated for the new day, that he runs outside – in his bathrobe – and screams at the top of his voice:

“Oh, such a beautiful world! Such a beautiful morning!
Why can’t everyone and everything just be as awesome as I am?
And why the hell am I in Detroit, dressed like a mime?”

Oh, and, despite popular belief, getting dry cement stuck in your eye is no fun at all. But it does give you some optimism. I mean, after all, reasonably speaking, following optical cement, where can you go but up?

One Response to “Morning Person?”

  1. Eliyahu says:

    The answers to your questions are, respectively:

    1) Yes.

    2) Dennis.

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