Life, the Universe, and Monks

Ah, yes. My hit counter has reached – and passed – 1000.
Bear in mind, that with my grades being what they are, my ego is pretty much riding on how humorous people find my ramblings. So, now you know – you, the reader, by choosing to or not to visit this site on a regular basis, have the power to raise another human being to the glorious heights of delusional pride, or to dash him on the rocks of despair, until the guts of misery leak out and get all mushy and stain the garments of despondence, which can only be dry-cleaned in the laundromat of complacence.
(It’s in Binghamton.)

Anyway, in honor of this auspicious occasion, I was going to share with you the answer to the age-old question:
“What do Buddhist monks have in common with most circus clowns?”*
But, alas, my allotted time has passed, for I must go to, um, brush….my, um…toenails. Yeah, that’s it.

Oh, and visit Binghamton sometime. You’d be surprised.

* No, seriously. I intend to answer that one. It’s a funny story, really.

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