Fighting the Romans

Another true story.

Today I walked across campus
wearing a toga ,
with a bow ,
and a quiver of arrows.
You know, the usual.

Is it a problem when the truth really is stranger than fiction?

4 Responses to “Fighting the Romans”

  1. Anonymous says:

    nah, I wouldn’t think so. It is however a problem that archery and togas are completely anachronistic with eachother (-can I use the word “anachronistic” like that??).


  2. ilan says:

    And Chaim, I think the word you’re looking for may be “fantabulous.” And, yes, archery and togas go fantabulously well together. Like codliver oil and sanity.

  3. ilan says:

    ….at 1:30 AM. Wow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And then we played Boggle.
    – Sara

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