In other news, I may not get kicked out of Cornell, after all, if I can wade my way through some Big Red Tape.
I guess every dark cloud has a silver lining. Except in Ithaca. Where it gets too cold to have clouds that do anything but block out the sun. I was cheering today, when the temperature soared a full 3 degrees above the predicted high. Yes, my friends, it was a whopping 8 degrees Farenheit (for you Europeans, that’s 235.6 degrees Celcius, if I calculated it right. Then again, I’m not doing too well in Physics these days, so I could’ve made a sign error…)

Wow. Did I just spend some precious moments whining about the weather? I apologize. I’m posting this one, but I guarantee something better very soon. Or at least something more disturbing. Just give me a minute.

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