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I’m gettin’ a vibe

Ok, um. Right. Yeah.
I’ve got the feeling that I ought to update this blog. You see, I’ve been getting these vibes. They’re simliar to “smart waves” in that they look like this: -.-.-.-.
Anyway, so these vibes said to me, “Hey, Mister Skumperwider*, it’s time for some updates, and pronto! After you’re done you can do whatever you want – go play skeeball! Go shoot movies! Or people! But now, updates ASAP. Don’t make me get out my broccoli…” Well, there are children (or at least easily amused people) watching, so I won’t get into it, but let it suffice that they had me convinced. So I made a resolution: I will have been updating at some point. (You see, the vibes don’t understand the future perfect progressive. I showed them!)
And that, my children, is why Kazakhstanians don’t wear cheese….oh, sorry. Wrong document. And that, my children, is why I will update soon. Oh, yes. This wasn’t an update. Call it a “pre-update.” Or call it Bob. I don’t care.

* That’s the vibes’ nickname for me. I call them Klaus, sometimes.