Leading the Blind #1

Here is the first (admittedly short) installment of the story of Chimba, tentatively titled Leading the Blind:

It was one of those days. You know, those early spring days, when the flowers are just starting to poke their sleepy little heads out of the thawed ground, when the small woodland animals scurry about doing whatever it is that woodland animals do so frantically, when the air is so crisp you can eat it as a breakfast cereal, and when the sun and breeze combine in just such a way that everyone seems happier, and even the crazy guy who lives in the park sounds just a bit nicer when he yells at the pigeons about world politics? You know those days? Well, it wasn’t at all like that on this particular day. No, the flowers weren’t just hiding anymore; they’d packed their flowery suitcases and moved to Miami, the woodland animals were drawing straws to figure out who was “expendable,” the air was soggy, and, yes, the crazy guy was particularly belligerent when yelling at the pigeons about the corrupt government of the Republic of Mallomar. On such a day, our story starts. On such a day, Chimba awoke.

…and that’s what I have so far. I have a few more things bouncing around in my head. They’ll come out eventually – like splinters.

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