Blog and Jeff’s Excellent Adventure

Two things:

1) Dani, a good friend of mine, has started a blog. I like the word blog. I could say it all day. Blog, blog, blog. And when that gets boring I can say other fun words, like “blubber,” and “expeditiously,” and “flesh-eating bacteria.” So, um, right. Where was I? Oh, yes, the blog. Blog, blog, blog. So much fun. So check out for some good times.

2) I am still waiting for more answers to my riddle. Here’s an incentive – anyone who gets it right gets 10 points. That’s right, folks, it’s anyone’s game.Well, anyone except for Jeff. We hate Jeff. In fact, he gets -10 points now just for living. Yeah – how does it feel now, buddy? Not such a big man without your blue inflatable giraffe herd, now, are you? What’s that I hear? Nothing? I thought so.

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